TOML Podcast 3 – Time for Valentine


text: Jon Banansala


Yeah yeah yeah, we know, them boys from the GCC are making a skate/snowboard/ski (in order of wich discipline is best) video about passion and friendship. We know, it’s not going to be your average video because we’re not all pros and actually have a real life outside this bullshit.

In this podcast we all skated inside, because for those retards who don’t know where Switzerland is, it get’s fucking cold in the winter, so we obviously can’t skate outside since our spots are covered in shitty brown useless snow.
Everybody has some tricks in here except for Pierre who is missing for some unknown reason, probably complaining of back pains or because he broke his nail (if you are reading this Pierre, I don’t really think you suck, I actually think your the best skater, and I think that I secretly love you man, no homo.)

So to cut things short, if you’ve read all of this before actually watching the podcast, your should probably get a life, or a job, or maybe start a relationship. Go on it’s valentines day, fuck what people say ,that it’s just a commercial holiday, it’s not going to change the fact that your lonely.



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